Looking for Ace Blogs?

Because I am. See, I developed a solid collection of asexual blogs that I loved to read. Between them all, there were regular enough updates for me to always have something to read about asexuality whenever I checked in to my Google Reader (sadly, now defunct.) I never much added to that collection, and it slowly declined, as many of the writers moved to tumblr or no longer felt the need to blog about asexuality at all.

At this point, in Fall 2014, I sorted through them all and moved any that had not been updated since 2012 into an “Inactive Asexual Blogs” folder on my new reader (AOL reader; fabulous replacement by the way). I also looked and found a few more new asexual blogs to join. The current ones are:

And the defunct ones are:

  1. Meowing at the Moon
  2. an asexual space
  3. Walking the Line
  4. song against sex
  5. More Than X
  6. Writing from Factor X (has moved on to the Asexual Agenda & Tumblr iirc)
  7. Unapologetic Ace (apparently deleted all their entries when they went ):
  8. The Asexual Otaku
  9. Asexuality, Unabashed
  10. Charlie the Unicorn, Ace Detective (posts gone, deleted and someone took the url I suppose?)
  11. Sheldon Has No Deal
  12. Another Asexual Radical
  13. The Veerblog
  14. Asexual Love
  15. Fisticuffs at Dawn (deleted, posts gone)
  16. Confused as Hell
  17. asexy beast

That’s a lot of defunct blogs, especially when you consider how small the dedicated ace blogging sphere is ): Blogging itself is a lot of work, so it’s no surprise that eventually many blogs would stop updating as blogging time and creativity compete with other life concerns. Also, asexuality’s visibility problem has lead many who are not otherwise interested in blogging and activism to take up the mantle.

I also wonder if Asexuality isn’t losing its presence in a lot of non-tumblr spaces. Used to be my WordPress posts tagged “asexuality” or “asexual” would disappear off the main tag page fairly quickly. Now, I write a post over a week after the last, and both posts are up on the tag. I think it was usually about two days for my posts to disappear off the tag before.

Still, I think the links are worth having around, for backreading and reference, especially for people who may not have read them yet. If any of the information is incorrect or the author simply has a new non-tumblr url, let me know.

Anyway, I made this post to solicit new (non-tumblr) blogs on asexuality, or by asexuals (even if the asexual blogger often blogs about I don’t know, cooking, or being trans, more than they do asexuality, I’m still game for it) as well as older, quality asexual blogs I may have missed. So, recommendations please? Self-recs are fine too!

9 thoughts on “Looking for Ace Blogs?

  1. Thanks for mentioning my From Fandom to Family blog. ;)

    FYI, Shades of Gray has changed and become Prismatic Entanglements, still an asexuality blog though, but um… it’s as explained here: http://prismaticentanglements.com/2014/07/07/relaunch-rebranding/ your old links work but they redirect to a new URL and I just thought I’d let you know. You might want to edit the above post to reflect that. ;)

    I would recommend Something Queer to Read, here’s one asexuality-relevant post on that blog by the blog author, Shokubutsujin: http://somethingqueertoread.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/pride-2014/

    Another one to recommend would be Cake at the Fortress:

    Or there’s also Sarah K. over at The Notes Which Do Not Fit: http://thenoteswhichdonotfit.wordpress.com/

    Or Nutmeg over at A Jar of Nutmeg runs a blog with asexuality-focused posts sometimes:

    Really though, the Asexual Agenda asked for links to current blogs recently and you can check their blogroll to the right side of their blog:

    and there are a lot of good ones over there too.

    I hope that helps!

    • Oh! Thanks for telling me about Shades of Grey. I knew *one* of the blogs I subscribed to had been redirecting to that, but I kept thinking it was Reflective Ace that had changed, and then being confused because it didn’t redirect. I’ll fix that.

      Thanks for the recs! And of course you’re on the list, you’re a very active and talented blogger.

  2. I’m really shocked to be on a list of anything. (Thank you for the fuzzy feeling of being noticed. :) — I just hope I don’t disappoint. >.> )

    So I have a whole bunch of blogs written by aces that I’ve picked up, there’s only a few that are really dedicate ace oriented. Though I’m not sure how many of them you’ll actually be interested in, but I feel like it’s easier to just mention them, maybe tell you something relevant, and let you see for yourself.
    http://fistfelt.wordpress.com/ – Periodic poster, but seems to update at minimum once a month.
    http://recklesstamarin.wordpress.com/ – A *very* new blog, there are only two posts, but I suppose we’ll see if there are more to come. :)
    http://beyondtherainbowblog.wordpress.com/ – Focused more on a lot of gender things, but Pegasus is ace and even participated in this most recent carnival.
    “Critique of Popular Reason” http://pianycist.wordpress.com/ – doesn’t have a url that matches their header, but they are an ace focused blog. :)
    http://exp4hearts.wordpress.com/ — This is a very new blog, and he doesn’t have any posts on being demisexual or acey up yet, but I know Chris from other spaces on the net so I know that’s how he identifies.
    http://asexualityinasexualworld.wordpress.com/ – blogs about asexuality specifically, and fairly regularly, but is also a new blog so not many backposts to read, yet.
    “Genderweird” http://esgibthope.wordpress.com/ – Another blog with a different url than blog title. The Blogger identifies as demisexual, posts tend to be more gender related generally.
    http://nextstepcake.wordpress.com/ – An ace focused blog. This blogger cross blogs on tumbler, but this is their wordpress.
    http://thepleasuresallmine.wordpress.com/ – This blog has been inactive for over a month, so I don’t know if it’s at the edge of being abandoned or what, however I’m including it in case it does become active again in the near future.
    http://asexualstories.wordpress.com/ — This blog has likewise been inactive for over a month, but it’s a collaborative blog, so that means the more people know about it, the more people can contribute.

    There may be a few others I’m forgetting (or whom I’m unaware of their aceness), but that’s all the ones, which haven’t already been mentioned, that I’m aware of finding on wordpress. :)

    • Don’t be shocked, I saw your Carnival post and thought it very well-written, and can’t wait to more of what you write in the future.

      Ooooh thank you so much for all the yummy links! I know it probably took a lot of time to gather these all up. I’ll have fun going through them. (and being a new blog is no problem. I am also a newish blog after all, even if I am coming from my old blog that ran for a few years.) Oh, it’s also okay if they’re not on WordPress; and are on like Blogger or some other site. (Just not Tumblr; which sounds so mean and anti-tumblr I know, but I’m just not a big Tumblr person.)

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